Astra Theme Review

Astra Theme Review

Astra Theme Review

In today’s article, I’m going to discuss the Astra theme and its importance.

And how much important they are for a WordPress user developing a website.
Astra is a free WordPress theme with excellent speed and simplicity and of course its a beautiful theme provider.
Astra can make your website look incredibly beautiful with some few mouse clicks.
There are in fact some premium packages that makes Astra a much better theme.

Overall ratings of Astra theme,

  • Ease of use – 99%
  • Value to customers – 99%
  • Reliability – 99%
  • Support – 99%
  • Speed – 99%
  • Overall rating – 99%

So, Astra is providing so much value to it’s a customer along with so beautiful themes.

Key features of Astra Theme:

  • Its focus on speed.
  • Very easy to configure.
  • It’s compatible with all WordPress page builders.
  • It has powerful add on packages.
  • WooCommerce support is also provided.
  • Templates are ready-made so you can use from there.

Background Knowledge:

Astra theme was released in 2017, a newbie in the market but wait don’t think that it’s developed by a new developer.
In fact, it’s developed by a well known WordPress company, Brainstorm Force.
But Astra theme is still working really well and not allowing big fishes to eat them!
Astra theme is super lightweight, easy to use and is made compatible to work with different page builders.
The Astra theme even comes with a free version, as well as a pro version with more features and functionalities.

Let’s have a look at its incredible features:

Lightweight and built for speed:

Everyone who owns a website wants their website to be super speedy and I’m amazed that Astra theme is designed with a good theme as well as speed.
Well, a lot of theme developers just write “good speed” to get visitors to download their theme and later they find out it was just a PHRASE!
But, let me tell you Astra doesn’t compromise on providing value to their customers and that’s why they are providing good speed as well.

  • Loads under 50kb.
  • They get high grades in all page speed tests
  • They have coded everything they needed themselves and included it in the theme as well (no jQuery).
Lightweight and built for speed:

Integration with different  page builder:

Yes, Astra theme is designed in such a manner that they are compatible with every page builder on WordPress.
Mostly developer code from scratch and now I think it’s waste of time as WordPress provides us a lot of plugins to make our work easier.
Especially, page builders helping you to create Website in a few hours!

Astra is developed in such a way that it works hand to hand with different page builders like,

WordPress Toolkit and Guide

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Actually pages without,

  • Header
  • Sidebars
  • Footers

Are pretty simple so you can make use of those that come from different page builders.
Astra with their pro plugin by allowing you to place Elementor elements in the header easily.
Some theme doesn’t allow it but with Astra and Elementor you can do it easily.  

Library of Built-in Website:

If you start from a built-in website it is not going to save your time if you don’t know the perks of designing.
Don’t worry, Astra comes with built-in templates that help you in designing your website as per your choice.

They are easily imported as soon as you have uploaded it on WordPress. Simple, just add a Strater Site plugin and you will get a menu showing all the sites library.

All the above-shown themes are made either with Elementer or Beaver Builder so you can easily use them.

But look at the options as well!

SEO Friendly:

SEO Friendly:

Astra is also making your website SEO friendly by adding a large amount of schema related to SEO.

The schema is a small piece of code that helps SEO to know what exactly your website is going to show to the visitors.

Customization without coding:

Customization without coding:

Yes, you hear it right, you can customize the theme without coding! All thanks to Astra Theme.

Years ago, it was a really hard task to create any website as you have to code every single element and if he doesn’t have a coding background then it’s nearly impossible for him to develop a website. 

But, today websites are created by all types of people with or without coding background.

Astra themes can be easily customized without doing any coding using configurations options in various section of the templates.



Side layouts can be enabled easily using Astra pro which gives control to the user to choose from,

  • Boxed
  • Full width
  • Max Width
  • Padded
  • Fluid Layouts

Header and Footer:

The pro version also provides various options to edit header and footer.


You are provided with a large range of fonts along with a custom font plugin so, you can easily choose the font and its respective size.

Color and Background:

Don’t worry if you want to add the color of your own choice to your theme.

Astra theme is so adaptable that you can easily add the color of your own choice to the background.

Astra theme discounts:

There is currently no discount or coupons available for Astra theme. But it would be nice if they come up with some discounts later in the future.

Pricing strategy free vs pro:

Astra theme mainly comprises of two versions,

  • Free
  • Pro

The free version is limited in many ways whereas the pro version unlocks the developer from the cage of limits and he can develop the website using almost all the features of Astra.

So, I would suggest that one should go with the Pro version while developing a website as he/she will have a lot of privilege then.

Why best for Projects:

Astra theme is best and always on the first choice of developers for designing any project because they are simple to configure and provide value to their customers.

And I believe who so ever will use Astra theme after reading this article will also agree with me.

Goodluck! ?

Astra theme review
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