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Why Include Affiliate Disclosure

Why include Affiliate Disclosure

I have discussed affiliate marketing in my previous article, and today’s article will rotate around why we need to include affiliate disclosure to your blogs. There are a large bunch of rules that the FCC has put around in adds and in affiliate marketing.  A normal person will think that as a small blogger or …

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Social Media Strategy Mistake

Strategies are very important if you are entering any new market. Entering the market without any strategy would result from you in a severe loss. The rule of marketing is to plan a strategy first before implementing it on the target audience. We all know the importance of all social site forums like Facebook, Instagram, …

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Pinterest Strategies To Generate Traffic

Pinterest is one of the most used social applications/websites. A lot of bloggers, high school students and women are using it with extensive interest in creating boards and sharing images. What is Pinterest Used for? Personal Business Did you know that before? Pinterest is one of the largest search engines next to GOOGLE? Woah!!!  According …

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How to blog legally?

Figure Out How To Protect Your Blog Legally In this world of growing technology and online businesses, everyone is running at a very fast speed without properly thinking about their businesses. A number of online businesses include blogging websites, e-commerce store and many more. Connecting with the world can be rather intruding if the other …

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40 Best Tools for Freelancers

40 Best Tools for Freelancers

Most people opt for freelancing because of its perks, but along with these benefits, there are numerous responsibilities. Freelancers do get flexible timings, desired work, and desired client, but with all this freedom they also have to handle everything, literally everything. At present, many tools have been developed for assisting freelancers because, first of all,…

How to Remove the Date from a WordPress Post URL

Permalinks are a very critical part of your website if you’re thinking of some modifications in it, then before starting to be absolutely sure that you’re willing to take the risks that accompany the deed. It is a major undertaking and the decision should not be taken lightly as it can end up causing a …

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Beginner’s Guide: What is a Domain Name and How Do Domains Work?

Are you a new blogger. Beginner to Websites? Or are you thinking of creating a website for an online business you’re starting? Whatever the case, Domain Name is an essential part of it. IF you’re confused between hosting services and domain name, then continue reading. We will be talking about Domain Names and their working. …

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What Are WordPress Plugins_ And How Do They Work_

What Are WordPress Plugins? How Do They Work?

When you’re a beginner on WordPress, you don’t really feel the need of WordPress Plugins. But as time passes, as the website/blog grows, so does your need for customization and special features. That’s where the plugins come in. If this is the first you’ve come across the word plugins and are wondering what they are …

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show category posts on page wpstairs

How to show category posts on a page

Are you a new user at WordPress and struggling to categorize your posts? Or if you’re an old user and trying to advance to the use of coding instead becoming dependent on Plugins? In either case, you’re at the Right Place! If you think that your WordPress site lacks organization, then I can help. In this …

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WordPress ToolKit & Guide

Get your hands on this ultimate WordPress Toolkit to ease your way and better opportunities

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