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A Guide to Pinterest Keywords with SEO rankings

Keywords? We have heard about them a lot if you are a common blogger but do you know the real drill of how to use it?

Pinterest is a leading platform, for marketing and mostly influencers are using it to grab more and more audiences.

Do you know what keywords are?

Why are they important?

Do we need to do some research before choosing any keyword for our board?

Keywords are simply words, if you are known with Pinterest then there is a search bar at the top asking you to write anything you want to search, right?

Can you see at the top, I wrote kitchen items this all together is a keyword. All the posts having a keyword, kitchen items would be shown on the dashboard.

And yes we need to do some research on what keywords are and what is keyword optimization before going to implement the keywording strategy on pins.

Whenever we are searching, we use some specific keywords like if I search using keyword “yoga” Pinterest will show me all the images or content having keyword yoga

Last days, I was going through some articles where I found out how important keywording is on Pinterest.

I thought why not make an article on Pinterest keywords.

But you know what, keywords have some special importance on Pinterest because people are going to search images using some keywords.

How to Use Keywords in Pinterest?

Let me first explain what exactly keywording in Pinterest is,

“Keywording is the simple way to add words from your own niche that allows every single individual on Pinterest to find the content or image they have been searching for”

For example, if I will write dieting hacks on Pinterest it will show me all the images with this keyword.

Remember, you should think strategically and be specific while creating any keyword keeping in mind your followers i.e. your target audience.

Pinners or the account owners on the Pinterest search for specific images of good quality on Pinterest using keywords cause they don’t exactly know the name of the account owner who has uploaded that required image.

Obviously, a big NO!

But wait do you know how to create a description of your image/content putting keywords in them?
Once you know what exactly keyword is, then it’s super easy to make keywords.

Don’t worry Pinterest is going to help you in choosing the right keyword and generating traffic as well.

The simplest way for adding or creating keyword is to use simple words that fit in your niche.

Let me explain it with an example,

Suppose for a while you are a blogger who posts mainly about beauty products and makeup hacks, now you have to search for keywords to add them up in your description so that people having interest in it can search it easily.

What you’ll do is simply go and search makeup and it will show all the keywords like,

  • Makeup hacks
  • Makeup tricks for beginners
  • Makeup tactics
  • Makeup using the Loreal product

So, isn’t it easy? This is how you get an idea that how people search mostly for makeup posts on Pinterest.

But wait, if you choose any keyword then Pinterest is again going to show you a lot of choices underneath your search term like,

  • Makeup for brown girls
  • Makeup contouring
  • Makeup eyebrows
  • Makeup face
  • Makeup hacks eye
  • Makeup tricks for beginners just face

Like as we were talking about a makeup account, you may see a lot more keywords which you can choose to be more specific in choosing your target audience.

You can be more specific you may choose your target audience using psychographic marketing that is targetting some specific age groups or demographics i.e. you post about products and makeup hacks of that product used in some specific area or region.

In this way, you are just altering your market being more precise.

Where to use Keywords in Pinterest?

Whenever you search for any image or content on Pinterest you search it and then Pinterest display all the boards having those Keywords.

Here as I searched, using the keyword ‘makeup’ it showed me all the pins with the word ‘makeup’ in it. You can see there, is “makeup” in the description of this pin as well.

Using a clumsy or difficult word is not going to be displayed in front of the pinner as they are going to search using simple and common keywords.

Pinterest will not detect those complex keywords.

So, guys please be strategic and smart enough while choosing the name for your boards.

Where to put keywords on your Pinterest?

  • Pin Description
  • Board title
  • Your profile

Pin Description:

You can use keywords in your board description as well so if anyone is going to look up at your description it will leave a positive yet smart image on the mind of your pinner.

Always feel free to use keywords in your pin description.

Board Titles:

Yes, you heard it right, you can use keywords in your board titles as well.

Mostly what people do is name their board with such cute or random names, assuming that the pinners will search using those words, what happens is, they do exactly the opposite and use simple and traditional words for searching

In this way, they are actually missing a very big opportunity.

What I suggest is use keywords in your board titles as well.

Before naming any board always keep yourself in the place of any normal person searching for an image on Pinterest.

The word that comes in your mind, is your keyword! Simple no fancy.

Blogging with WordPress
Instagram Hacks
Facebook Hacks

Your Profile:

Your profile is also not a bad place to add keywords adding keywords means you are indicating that you share images or pins that are related to those keywords i.e. makeup, fitness.

Next time, whenever they want to pin anything about makeup or fitness they will directly go to your account this will boost up your pinners as well.

What do you need to create Keywords for Pinterest?

Creating keywords on Pinterest is not something technical due to which you have to do a lot of searching and knowledge building.

You just need to see some boards, other’s pins, and boom!

You’ll understand the real drill, of how to create Keywords.

How many Keywords do you need to use on your Pinterest?

The third question that arises in our mind is how many keywords to be used.

As per research in 2019 on Pinterest, Pinterest is not going to stop you from adding so many keywords but it depends on you how many keywords you are going to use to make your post look classy.

As I said before, you should be smart and strategic while adding keywords.



I hope this article has cleared the importance of keywords, where and how to use keywords.

Target as much audience, as possible using keywords as it’s a very effective way to do that so. 

Be specific and think smartly when you are choosing keywords for your post otherwise one wrong choice, may cost you in losing your whole audience.

Good luck! 🙂 

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    Pinterest Keywords are perfect. I know I’ve got a few clicks from landing on some keyword traffic on Pinterest

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