How to Upload PDF Files to Your WordPress Site

You can add a link to your PDF file in your website. PDF files are a good source to share related research papers or other source of information. However you must endure that your file is carefully prepared. PDF documents can be created with many softwares and you can choose any package you like. lets start for ” How to Upload PDF Files to Your WordPress Site ”

WordPress provides a simple way to add pdf document to your site.However, If you want to add more functions or  want to do it with some other technique, you can do it using a plugin.

However let’s see how to do it using wordpress without any plugin.


The first step is to create a post or a page where you want to insert the PDF file or just edit the pre existing page or post of your website. For now , let’s create a new page by clicking on Add New button as done in the image below.


Now , type in the title of your page and click on Add Media to add a pdf file to your page.Just like you do for adding images to your article and other posts.


Upload the pdf file you want to add in your post or page. Click on Insert into page button to insert your pdf file in your page.


All set now, View your page to see the link of your pdf file in your website.

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